50 Winks:  The Gift of Sleep and Study

50 Winks’ mission is to provide underprivileged and financially challenged youth of Western and Central New York with dedicated personal bed and dedicated personal study spaces which are vital to the healthy development and successful education of our most vulnerable youth aged community members.

Aspired Anglers

mission strives to expose youth from Western and Central New York to the joy and rewards of Sport of Fishing by providing free education on the skills, techniques and equipment used by professional and amateur anglers.

Our programs and services are open to of all races, genders and orientations and abilities. We encourage diversity, unity, tolerance, friendship with the ability challenged, and prejudice free peer ship within the youth of Western and Central New York.

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The Odyssey of Humanity and Bouie Foundation Partnership

Roosevelt Bouie  widely known as one of the top athlete to ever come out of Kendall High School, Bouie would go on to have an outstanding basketball career at Syracuse University, before he parlayed that into a lengthy professional career overseas, further cementing himself as one of the best to ever call the local area his own.

Now, the former Eagles and Orange star forward is moving in another direction — and that is creating a non-profit organization for underprivileged youth with the Bouie Foundation.

“Both of my parents and my grandmother always had us helping out to do things when we were younger, even if it was if we saw an older person, we carried their groceries to the car,” Bouie said. “After growing up like that, I go to Syracuse University and Coach (Jim) Boeheim had us, starting freshman year, go to the terminal children’s care ward at Upstate University Medical Center. Everyone would go there and it was great. We would just play games with the kids, and I remember one of the nurses grabbed my arm and said ‘thank you so much for coming here for the kids. This is the first time I’ve seen them smile this year.’”