Creating a Sense of Unity in Our Communities that is
Enhanced by Our Diversity

We are dedicated to support the creation of a unified community of interracial fellowship. Individuals’ negative ‘preconceived notions’ of difference are eradicated through the fostering of deep trusting relationships. Allowing people to realize they are more like the person they marginalized than previously thought and that differences actually add value to our society. 

We connect with programs and projects that are dedicated to valuing  human diversity in its many forms and programs that develop bonds of fellowship, cooperation, and unity among all peoples.

With your support, we strive to make our communities more united and celebrating the strengths of the diversity of humanity. 


Founded and based in Rochester, New York, USA, our programs have been adopted by multiple US Cities and have gained the attention of global communities with like-minded goals and value diversity.  


ODYSSEY OF HUMANITY, INC. is a 501(c)(3) public charity with a mission to support the creation of a unified community of interracial fellowship. We support the valuing of human diversity in its many forms and support programs that develop bonds of fellowship, cooperation and unity among all peoples.  

Mosaic Partnerships Program™ is a structured transformational program is founded based on the ideas above and presumes goodwill of people entering a change process. It utilizes a social innovation systems approach to expeditiously build interdependent relationships between diverse people within the context that change is being sought. The relationships provide the bond needed to overcome issues relating to human difference within organizations and communities.


Mosaic Partnerships Program™ succeeds where other diversity and equity programs struggle due to our unique approach combined with Exclusively Licensed scientific instruments that allow a powerful advantage of the invisible human elements of problem solving and change making. 


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“The Antiracist Curriculum Project supports educators, students and community members in exploring and understanding our local history of racist policies from enslavement to redlining and racial covenants and invites them to consider our rich legacy of local civil rights activism and how they might carry it forward to address the pressing problems of racial inequity still faced today.  Using restorative and inquiry based approach participants engage with primary sources, including government documents, maps, oral histories, newspaper articles and original research.  To dismantle the indefensible disparities in homeownership, income, child poverty, healthcare, education and employment that permeates our community we need to understand how we got here and see ourselves in the stories of everyday civil rights activists tenaciously working for racial equity.”


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The Bouie Foundation™ provides underprivileged and financially challenged youth of Western and Central New York with dedicated personal bed and dedicated personal study spaces which are vital to the healthy development and successful education of our most vulnerable youth aged community members.

Additionally, our mission strives to expose youth from Western and Central New York to the joy and rewards of Sport of Fishing by providing free education on the skills, techniques and equipment used by professional and amateur anglers.

Our programs and services are open to of all races, genders and orientations and abilities. We encourage diversity, unity, tolerance, friendship with the ability challenged, and prejudice free peer ship within the youth of Western and Central New York.

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