About Odyssey of Humanity – A 501(c)(3) NFP NGO

At Odyssey of Humanity, our mission embodies a profound commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion across all sectors of society.  We champion interracial initiatives, support Black, Indigenous and People of Color and persons identifying with protected or marginalized populations and strive for transparency as a Gold-Level GuideStar Participant.  We are dedicated to supporting initiatives that systematically foster inclusion and bridge differences.   We support the valuing of human diversity in its many forms and programs that develop bonds of fellowship, cooperation and unity among all peoples.  We encourage all within our sphere of influence to support the creation of a unified community of interracial and inter-cultural fellowship.  Individuals’ negative ‘preconceived notions’ of difference are eradicated through the fostering of deep trusting relationships.  Allowing people to realize they are more like the person or people they marginalized than previously thought and that difference actually adds value to our society.  Odyssey of Humanity’s programs are at the forefront of our efforts to bridge cultural divides.

Our diverse programs, such as the Mosaic Partnership Program, The Antiracists Curriculum Project and The Bouie Foundation, all converge on one goal: to create harmonious communities enriched by their differences.  We engage in activates that not only promote social cohesion but also empower integrated and all inclusive communities through targeted initiatives and partnerships.  Our prog4rams are a testament to our dedication to creating inclusive environments where diversity is celebrated.  This overarching mission guides every facet of our work, from research to education, to assistance with critical life necessities to help stop social failure cycles. 
Since 2006 Odyssey of Humanity, Inc. is a New York charitable trust recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal Tax ID; 30-0164253). Contributions to Odyssey of Humanity are tax-deductible to the fullest extend of the law.

Social Innovation and Interracial Research

Our focus on interracial research underpins our commitment to enhancing social capital in diverse communities. We delve into the complexities of societal interactions, especially among BIPOC populations, to foster understanding and break down barriers of prejudice and bias. The term Social Innovation, as defined by Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), refers to a methodology of solving societal problems through new mechanisms that harness human and financial capital, and often stand at the crossroads of non-profit, public, and private sectors.[8] Specifically, SSIR frames social innovation as “a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals”.[8] 

Our approach includes fostering deep, trusting relationships that challenge and change preconceived notions about differences, thereby realizing the added value of diversity in society. They use innovative social systems and scientific tools in their programs, such as the Mosaic Partnerships Program™, to build interdependent relationships and address issues related to human differences in organizations and communities and create cognitive dissonance towards the benefits of diversity. More information and details

Fiscal Sponsorship and Strategic Partnerships

Through our Fiscal Sponsorship and Strategic Partnerships, Odyssey of Humanity provides essential support to budding initiatives aligned with our core values. We bolster community-based efforts for interracial unity and anti-racism. These partnerships aim to address systemic issues like redlining, fostering interreligious harmony, and supporting local initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. Through these collaborations, they strive to create a more equitable and interconnected society, reinforcing the value of diverse perspectives and experiences. This sponsorship reflects our commitment to nurturing projects that resonate with our mission of unity, inclusivity and embracing diversity. More information and details

Gold Transparency 2024


Transparency and Accountability

Our recognition as a Gold-Level GuideStar participant by Candid, a leading source of nonprofit information for donors and funders; underscores our commitment to transparency and accountability.  To achieve the Gold rating, Odyssey of Humanity provides detailed information about its mission, programs, financials and impact, making it easier for donors and supports to make informed decisions about their charitable giving. This accolade is a testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive information about our mission, programs, and impact.

Odyssey of Humanity Programs, Partnerships and Initiatives

Odyssey of Humanity’s programs are at the forefront of our effort to bridge cultural divides. We engage in activities that not only promote social cohesion but also empower integrated and all inclusive communities through targeted initiatives. Our programs are a testament to our dedication to creating inclusive environments where diversity is celebrated. Our initiatives are designed to bridge societal divides, fostering a world where diversity and equity are not just aspirations but realities. By collaborating with various stakeholders, we ensure impactful changes in areas needing the most attention.

Mosaic Partnerships™ Program

This program is a cornerstone of our efforts to build unified communities.

The Mosaic Partnerships™ Program exemplifies our belief in the power of collaboration to foster mutual understanding and respect among diverse cultural groups. Mosaic Partnerships™ is a structured transformational program is founded based on the ideas above and presumes goodwill of people entering a change process. It utilizes a social innovation systems approach to expeditiously build interdependent relationships between diverse people within the context that change is being sought. More information and details


The Antiracist Curriculum Project™

The Antiracist Curriculum Project, is the focus of a strategic partnership of Odyssey of Humanity and Coordinated Care Services, Inc. which supports this educational project committed to empowering students, educators, and communities with instructional resources about their local history of racism and civil rights. A crown jewel of this project is short film about the history and legacy of residential segregation in Greater Rochester and the ways ordinary people are participating in civic action to create a more welcoming, just, and inclusive community. 

Through age appropriate and specific materials, our Local History and the history of ‘redlined’ neighborhoods in our local history is explored.  More information and details

The Bouie Foundation

The Bouie Foundation, sponsored by Odyssey of Humanity, shares values of interracial harmony and embracing diversity. It focuses on helping youth achieve healthy mental development through engaging activities like fishing, emphasizing teamwork and collaboration. The Bouie Foundation’s “50Winks” program, as part of its broader initiative in Western New York, focuses on providing safe and comfortable bedding to children in need across Orleans, Monroe, Onondaga, Erie, and Genesee Counties. This program aims to ensure that children have a proper sleep environment, which is crucial for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By addressing this basic need. 

This partnership highlights the importance of diverse youth learning and growing together, fostering unity and understanding across different backgrounds. More information and details

Mosaic Campuses

Tailored for emerging adults and tomorrows leaders; academic institutional organizations and communities eager to enhance interracial, inter-cultural, or inter-religious relations, we invite you to consider establishing your own Chapter of the Mosaic Partnerships™ Program. This program has proven highly effective and popular, particularly on university campuses, adapting well to the shifting academic challenges, needs and populations. If you’re interested in implementing this transformative program, please contact us for more information and to download the Mosaic Partnerships™ Program Starter Kit.

This partnership highlights the importance of diverse youth learning and growing together, fostering unity and understanding across different backgrounds. More information and details